God in the Little Things

I prayed.  And I prayed.  And I prayed some more.  I prayed – admittedly – to calm myself down in order to fall back asleep when worries and anxieties woke me during the night.

I’m generally pretty casual when I pray.  No “Holy Father, thou art God.”  In fact, unless it’s a liturgical prayer, I pretty much never pray in the King’s English.  My husband had been trying to do something grand and wonderful, and there was roadblock after roadblock in his way.  So I was in the shower one day a couple of weeks ago, having a little conversation with God that went something like this:

“OK, God.  You know what’s been going on, and you’ve seen how frustrated Peter is getting.  Tell me something.  What’s your plan here?”

Then like a bolt – ZAP! – to the back of the head, the message came loud and clear:  “Get a line of credit on your business for him to use.”

There are a bagillion reasons why I would think that’s a bad idea, including the fact that I’m opposed to buying anything on credit.  But I didn’t argue.  I also didn’t run right out and go to the bank, either; my husband and I discussed it first.

The next business day, I went to the bank, and I applied for that line of credit.  And for whatever reason, it took over a week to hear about a decision that usually just takes 48 hours.  But I did hear, and I did get it.  As a result, he has a chance of seizing a dream that he’s held onto for at least 20 years.

It’s such a little thing.  Well, it’s big to us, but in the scope of the world – the universe – this is a pretty insignificant thing.  And yet, God heard my prayers, even the one from the shower, and God let me know God heard them.  Look back at what happened.  I asked God for guidance, not a cash infusion.  The choice was still mine as to what I did with that guidance.

We read in Psalm 119:105, “Your Word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path” (NIV).  Darn if we don’t want that light for our path to be something like  high-beam headlights or those mega-watt halogen lights used for nighttime construction work!  Right?  Of course.  We’re “big picture” people.  But no.  It truly is a “light for [our] feet,” a tiny little keychain flashlight that illuminates a 24-inch circle, just big enough for our next step.  We don’t get to see the big picture, and we’re not meant to.  Instead, we see enough to take the next step, but no farther.

Taking that first step requires a great deal of faith.  It does get easier with each successive step, though.  Until it’s not so easy.  Until a crisis hits and our faith is shaken, and we’re not at all sure we can take that next step, because we can’t see far ahead.  We can’t even see the light for ourselves until someone – friends, family, minister – convinces us that it’s still there.

Every step, every little foot of ground covered, God is there.  In the exciting times, like starting a new business, God is there.  In the freaky-exhilarating times, such as departing to another continent on a mission trip, God is there.  In the dark valley of the hospitalization of a child, God is there.

I pray that you’ll let these words comfort you in the dark times and comfort you in times of uncertainty.  When you encounter someone who needs the reminder, share these words, share the message.


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