Why Do People Hate People who are Transgender?

I realize that, by posing this question, I’m likely opening myself up to being exposed to a large amount of hate and vitriol, but I am genuinely curious.  I have at least one transsexual friend who I share with other friends.  There’s so much hate and violent sentiment directed towards this segment of the population, and I really, truly don’t know why that is.  I’ve heard them referred to as “freaks.”  Really?  That doubly appalls me; while transgender is listed as a psychological disorder in the DSM-5 (which I can see necessary in some cases), still, calling people who are transgender “freaks” is about as sensitive as calling the following “freaks”:

  • An Army vet with PTSD
  • A little girl on the Autism spectrum
  • A woman with schizophrenia
  • A man with depression

Get my point there?

So, please, tell me why people (maybe you, even) hate people who are transgender and wish serious harm or death to come to them.  If you’re going to site scripture, please do so in a way that honors God and respects the Bible (or other holy book, dependent on your faith) with faithful use of scripture.  This includes using the scripture in its context within scripture, but also with respect to historical context.  And for those of you who would dare to say that God hates people who are transgender, please read your Bible all the way through before commenting; there’s only ONE “I hate” statement attributed to God in the WHOLE Bible, and it has nothing to do with the LGBT community.


3 responses to “Why Do People Hate People who are Transgender?

  1. People “hate” from fear. Beyond that, any non-beneficial “choice” comes with a remedy that others offer in order to provide an escape.
    It’s worthy of note to mention those who attempt to force their opinions on others are correctly avoided, either side of any understanding.


  2. SeekingClarity

    I love this! I have never understood the hatred or some reactions either.


  3. This is simple. If somebody wants to get a sex change….get it and move on. Do not try to make everybody accept what you have done. That is the source of the so-called “hate” we hear about. People do not like to be forced to accept unnatural, repulsive ideas. Same for homosexuals. Do your sick stuff and keep it to yourself. Do not try to make the world accept what you do. Trans-genders and homosexuals create the “hate” that comes their way. Not so much hate as reaction. If you don’t want reaction….don’t create it.


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