The Only Bad Part of my Thanksgiving

My knee hurts.  Not terribly, but it twinges when I bend it too much or put too much weight on it.  This is the only thing about which I have to complain.

On Monday I fell and dislocated my knee, which totally sucked.  It means having to wear a brace until January and use crutches for a while (maybe not as long as I have to wear the brace).  In the process of all that, though, I met some pretty nice people, and I even had one doctor tell me I was a great way to end a 12-hour shift.

I’d told my family that I wanted to have a much more laid-back Advent season.  It’s looking like my wish is coming true, though not like I’d anticipated.  My Thanksgiving morning began with an email from a friend in a knitting group telling me how much more time I’ll have to knit!  Gotta love that type of optimism! 🙂

My family is made up of rock stars!  They’ve had to take over running my business and doing all the cooking I’d planned to do.  They help me with the little daily things we tend to take for granted – like going up the stairs while carrying a book and a phone.  So on this Thanksgiving I am just overwhelmingly grateful.  I’m grateful for my family and friends, I’m thankful for time to take it easy, I’m thankful that I get to have some advanced care-giving by a highly reputed physical therapist today and tomorrow.

So many things for which to be thankful!

So many things for which to be thankful!

Find your blessings.  Whether they be big or small, your blessings are yours and enrich your life.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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