The Perplexity of Christian Hypocrites

English: Ethnic composition of American Muslim...

English: Ethnic composition of American Muslims, according to the CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations, Washington D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ahh…  So the hate continues to grow and spread.  I really, truly thought that we were past the point of stereotyping all people for the actions of a few.  Didn’t we leave that behind in the 60s?  Aren’t Blacks, Muslims, Native Americans, Baptists, Gays all crying out at the injustice of being branded as those who are violent, extremists, hateful, or vengeful?  My fellow Christians of all colors stand with them, loudly protesting the stereotyping, proclaiming for all to hear, “Wait!  They’re not all like that!”  (Or, in the case of us Baptist Christians, “We’re not all like that!”)  Our stomachs turn at the hate that comes at our friends; my Black friend isn’t like Michael Brown.  The folks spouting hate from Westboro Baptist don’t speak for all us Baptists, and we are quick to point that out.  My sweet, elderly Muslim neighbor isn’t organizing a terrorist cell.

Many of us followed the situation down in Texas this week where 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was taken into custody after his teacher thought his homemade clock was a bomb.  Those of us who are paying attention cringe at the transparent dishonesty of the teacher, the school administration, and the police:  If the teacher truly thought it was a bomb, then why wasn’t it treated as a bomb?  We feel indignant that this child’s constitutional rights were so harshly violated as he was denied his parents and representation by an attorney.  We shake our heads as it is glaringly apparent how Ahmed was targeted because of the color of his skin and his chosen religion.  That’s simply unjust!  Just because he’s a Muslim living in the US doesn’t make him inherently evil.

At the same time that we’re proclaiming this boy’s innocence and protesting the injustices against him, so many Americans are appalled that the US is opening its borders to Syrian refugees, many of whom are Muslim, but not all.  Syrian Christians are among those who ISIS has targeted most heavily for persecution, and there are hopefully those in that crowd.  People are saying that such actions will permit cells of terrorists into the country.  What?  Like they’re not here already?  All the US is doing is granting displaced Syrians a place of refuge – a place far from their home, their native lands, their families, their friends, all they hold dear.  They’re showing videos and pictures of fights among Muslims, trash “supposedly” left by Muslims, basically, everything that makes Muslims look bad – yet, they protest the treatment afforded to Ahmed based on the same standards.

Many people – good Christian people – don’t want these Syrian Muslims coming to our country.  Based on what scriptures?  In Matthew 25:35, we read Jesus’ words, “I was a stranger, and you took me in.”  The Psalmist writes, “The LORD watches over the alien and sustains the fatherless and the widow” (Ps. 146:9); I wonder how many of those refugees are widows or orphans?  The writer of Hebrews encourages us to welcome strangers, declaring that, in entertaining strangers, some have unknowingly welcomed angels (13:2).  In offering gracious hospitality to people who are “not one of us,” we live out our faith and witness, furthering the Kingdom of God on earth.  What would have been the fate of the man robbed, beaten, and left for dead had the innkeeper refused to take him in, simply because a Samaritan was paying for his care?

What do we as Christians have to fear?  In what do we place our trust?  Do we place our trust in our military, our police, our American government?  Or do we place our trust in the God who is bigger and tougher than any force our puny little government can offer?  We are called to welcome people, to offer them hospitality and care, and we are commanded not to fear.  That’s a really liberating thought!


11 responses to “The Perplexity of Christian Hypocrites

  1. It is all because of people believe in different doctrines and not acquired the necessary knowledge before they choose to take a stand. Without knowledge, people perish. Always check it yourself with the bible if the pastor or any speaker or anyone is right or there is underlying agenda.


    • Agreed. It seems to come down to people simply believing party lines or the perpetuated fear. Fear, racial divides, anything that brings disunity drives ratings and spreads so much easier than love and peace.

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  2. Your article is so naive. You cannot compare the events of 2000 years ago to 2015. There was no ISLAM! The hate, intolerance, and death of islam will destroy any culture. In the Bible, a few families migrating is no way the same as 10,000 muslims pouring across a border with NO intent to assimilate.
    Are Germans so ignorant that they think Arab muslims will make good Germans? This article and those who support it must have no love of their own culture and are willing to give it up for Arab islam. That will be better. Hey,snesbitt….love and peace? Islam brings love and peace?


    • I’m not comparing events. I’m highlighting how hating on others – even those who may be our enemies – goes against the teachings of Jesus. We’re told to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us (Matthew 4:44). We’re not supposed to return evil for evil. But not all Muslims are evil, anymore than all Christians are haters like the members of Westboro Baptist are. I love America and my country is important to me. However, I’m part of something bigger than the US.


      • Snesbitt: Your arguments are mostly cliches. Stereotyping? This is not a mature approach. Sterotyping = making an assumption based the evidence observed. Street pimps dress a certain way. Dope users do not wear a 3-piece suit. Pastors wear the clerical collar. Nearly everyone sends a message by the way they dress. Muslim women look like muslim women, and we know what their culture is. Stereotyping is usually right and seldom wrong. And we can judge a book by looking at the cover. Why would a book about snails have an elephant on the cover?

        You are comparing. You are comparing Christianity to islam, trying to find a fault in Christianity that is equal to a fault in islam. I am not afraid that the Westboro Baptists will kill somebody, but any muslim is capable of killing Christians…when threatened with the death of his own family by more radical muslims to carry it out.

        You are missing the big picture, failing to focus on the evil of islam. This new crisis of refugees is not about being a good neighbor or being hospitable to strangers. During the time of OT and NT, there was no islam to deal with. None of these are refugees will be returning home, they have more relatives coming, and they have many children. And muslims do not assimilate.

        This refugee crisis is the fault of islam infighting. Instead of condemning islam for causing the problem, you search for ways to blame Christianity. This is what Christians do. Self-loathing. The muslims hate Christians and many Christians find ways to also hate Christians. Atheists see Christians turning on their own and laugh. The unchurched are not enticed. We can be our own worst enemy.


      • You’re right when you say the earl church didn’t have Islam; the first century church and following had the Roman Empire – high taxes, persecutions, crucifixions, burnings, torture, being sent to the lions. Even in the midst of that, the early Christians were called to pray for the governing authorities, strive for peace, and to love their enemies (both personal and nationalistic). I’m not blaming Christianity at all. I’m challenging my fellow Christ-followers to lay off the hate speech and the hatemongering. We’re better than that, and we are to be the example in the world of how to live. We’re not called to hate; we’re called to love. If we return hate for hate, that doesn’t make us any different than non-Christians, including Muslims. You’re some anonymous guy posting comments to my blog; you’re not going to change my mind or sway me from believing and living by the Word of God as the Spirit has revealed it to me.


      • Before I forget, that pie chart of Christian hypocrisy…2 things come to mind: 1. With all the muslim beheadings
        and suicide bombers, you are worried about hypocrisy? 2. You are eager to attack Christianity on hypocrisy, but where is your attack on muslim violence and treatment of women?

        ALSO: Here is the point you are missing: Some idiot may claim he is doing a Christian crime, but the act is not Christian, at all. He is on his own, with NO backing from Jesus or Christianity. There is no Christian connection. BUT….islam is different. When a muslim kills in the name of Allah, that has the islam stamp of approval. Other muslims claim the killer as a muslim hero.
        It does not make you a Christian intellectual to criticize Christianity. You are doing a lot of harm. You are not spreading the Word of God…you are spreading your own words…your opinion. Atheists and the unchurched read your criticism and are not persuaded to pursue Christianity, but it does confirm that they are right to reject Christianity…it must not be good, because are always ripping it.


      • I’m not responsible for what Muslims do. It’s not my place to call them to ascribe to my beliefs. It is my place to hold my fellow Christians and myself to be accountable to living according to the teachings of Jesus. That’s not divisive, and it’s not critical; we are all hypocrites at some point or another. My Atheist and unchurched friends have been reading my words for years, and over time through those words they’ve realized that not all Christians are haters and that some of us are loving and accepting of those who are outside the faith. That has made them want to know more about my faith and this God I worship and proclaim.

        No more comments.


      • You are highlighting the hate of Christians? Really?
        When has Christian hate resulted in death since the Thirty Years War in the 1500’s? Have you ever blogged about the sorry state of islam? Read the koran. You will be amazed how it twists any story from the Bible. What is the point of finding fault with how Christians “might” be saying critical words, but muslims are actually killing Christians? But you have ho criticism of islam.


      • I don’t criticize what I don’t personally know or experience. All the interactions I’ve had with Muslims have been very positive and respectful.
        Times Christians have killed in the name of some warped understanding of Jesus – Spanish Inquisition; the torture and death of indigenous peoples in the Americas who wouldn’t convert or submit to the “superior” white man’s demands; even many Nazis claimed faith in God, and we know about the hate and killing there; and then there are those who blow up abortion clinics (ironically, killing people to protest killing unborn babies). See, there are and have been bad Christians – Christians who have killed even innocent children in the name of God. But the vast majority of us aren’t bad. I think the same can be said of any people group. ISIS does evil things; there has been evil in the world since nearly the beginning, and if it weren’t ISIS, it’d be someone else.


  3. Also, about Ahmed, the student with the clock. Several years ago, a white boy had a butter knife in his lunch box. The elementary school went crazy and suspended him and even considered putting him out of the school as if he was OJ. That clock did not look like a clock. Also, muslims are notorious for using children to carry bombs. And muslims are notorious for trial runs. Next time, it might really be a bomb, and not a clock.


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