To my LGTB Friends… Please Stop

You know who you are.  You’re lesbian or gay or transgendered.  I don’t know of any of my personal friends who are bisexual, but this is for you, too.  Some of you I know personally; we’ll smile when we see each other and exchange hugs.  Others of you I only know through forums or Facebook, and we’ve shared so much of our lives through those media that meeting would be a seamless transition from “online friends” to “real life friends.”

I see your posts.  I see the news articles about pastors gay bashing.  I see the video clips of pastors calling for your deaths.  I hear about the far-right extremists bashing you and calling you all sorts of vile names.  Why do you do this?  Are you trying to find further justification for denying God or for thinking all Christians are haters?  C’mon!  You’ve known me for how long now?  You know not all of us are haters.  In fact, the vast majority of us prefer love to hate.  Some of our numbers are confused and struggling to understand you, or struggling to reconcile what the Bible says in Leviticus about homosexual behavior with what Jesus and Paul said about love and acceptance.  Be patient with them; it’s a tough, rather scary road to travel.  I should know, because that road is in my own rear-view.

I’m asking you to stop.  Please.  Stop listening to that crap.  Stop reading the hateful words.  Stop renting head and heart space to those disgusting hypocrites who are so far removed from Jesus that they wish you would die.  (That’s a whole lot of hate there.)  Your person is precious.  I believe God made it so, whether you do or not.  Hearing and reading that kind of vitriol will corrode your soul over time, and your soul is too precious to do that to.

So just stop it.  OK?  You are a wonderful, amazing, precious person, and God loves you.  God made you into that wonderful, amazing, precious person (again, whether you believe in God or not).  You’re a fellow co-created traveling life’s journey with me in some form or fashion, and I love you as that.  If you’re a friend, I love you as a friend, unconditionally, because that’s simply what friends do.  Fill your head and heart with love.  There are so many people out there who love you – far more of them than the haters.

Wanna talk love?  Do you want to know more about God’s love for you?  Feel free to message me or comment, and I’ll be happy to share more with you.  If you’re feeling persecuted in your personal life – maybe parents, friends, or loved ones have rejected you for being gay or transgendered – please know that there is love for you, too.  Don’t let their hate and narrow-mindedness define you or rob you of your self-confidence in who you are.  Remember…  Wonderful.  Amazing.  Precious.  You.


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