What We’re Preparing For

The God moment came when I least expected it, as they tend to do.  The Spirit spoke to me through my very own words, which never fails to surprise me.  And a tremendous feeling of peace stole over me that had nothing to do with my rocking with a sleeping child in my arms.

On Sunday, we were at my parents’ house, and we didn’t have my younger daughter’s Bible handy, so I told her a Bible story, how the angel visited Mary, then Joseph, and told them about this baby they were going to have.  Tuesday night, I told her the story of Elizabeth’s pregnancy and the birth of John the Baptizer.  Today at nap (her Bible still in the car), I told her about the ministry of John and how he was the one who was to “prepare the way for the Lord.”  I told her how that included teaching people the importance of stopping sinning, because John helped them prepare their hearts for Jesus.  Ya know, just like we need to focus on preparing our hearts for Jesus to come again to us as a little baby.

Ding!  I, Sara, need to focus on preparing my heart to receive the baby Jesus anew.  I need to stop worrying about how we’re going to afford presents and instead think more about taking some very necessary time to savor the joy and anticipation of the season.  It’s time to say “no more!” to killing myself and stressing myself out about gifts for everyone and spend time preparing meaningful gifts for the family we love.  What a great way to spend time with my girls and share my heart with them about the real meaning of Christmas!

What can you do to help ease your own stresses during this season of joy and stress?

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