The Grace of God, part 2

Church of the Nativity of Our Lady (in front) ...

Church of the Nativity of Our Lady (in front) – Vitoslavlitsy wooden museum, Novgorod (Photo credit: w0LD)

You can read “The Grace of God, part 1” here.

I was talking to my best friend about the accident and my concerns about my husband driving when the adrenaline crash hits, and he suggested I pick him up.  So, our younger daughter and I drove into Wilmington to get Peter and to take care of the 4 errands Peter had to run after work (stuff for the house and for my business).

We were between stops 3 and 4 with plans to eat lunch before our last stop, and as I was pulling out of the Sam’s parking lot onto the main drag, my car started sounding funny.  Then it started running hot.  Then it hit the red zone, lights came on and chimes sounded.  Peter (God bless him) got out and pushed my car to the side.  It cooled off just enough to pull it into the parking lot of a surf shop about 10′ away as the squirrel runs.  We popped the hood and grabbed lunch while it cooled.  After lunch, my husband put radiator fluid in it, and it stayed cool down to the Exxon station.  He walked across to church, and our friend Mark gave him a ride back to the office to pick up his car.

My daughter and I stayed behind at the Exxon station while I spoke with the mechanic, left my key and so forth.  After a quick look at my engine, the mechanic saw moisture – radiator fluid – sprayed all over my engine.  So, it’s likely – hopefully nothing more than! – a line or a connection.  It was 3:00 when I got it there, so he was not sure if they’d be able to get to it today or Monday.  The mechanic told me I’m a good mom.  I swear, I was barely hanging on!  I knew my little girl was tired, and being four and tired, she was pushing it – so restless because she knew if she stopped, that’d be it.  And in the car coming home, she did, and it was.  But I needed that affirmation today.

We walked across the street to church, hoping to catch Peter and our minister-friend, but we had just missed them.  In the meantime, our children’s minister extended lovely hospitality to my daughter and me, offering this frazzled mom and bone-deep-exhausted little girl the absolute classic definition of hospice care – a still, quiet place to rest and drink to refresh us.  I had a mile-long to-do list today with places where I could stop for a bit, and I’d told my daughter that I’d read her a story when I got to a stopping point.  That was my first stopping point today.  Allison was so incarnational, and God worked through her today in lovely ways.

God worked through my friend who helped me see a way to ease my concerns.  God worked through the mechanic who gave me an affirmation at just the right time.  God worked through our friend.  And God worked through Allison who gave my daughter and me just what we needed when we needed it.

Through whom have you seen God at work today?  What are you willing to do to allow God to work through you for someone else?


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