The Grace of God, part 1

DTB of Dinner and a Suit #9

DTB of Dinner and a Suit #9 (Photo credit: digitaltourbus)

The call came at around 9:30 yesterday morning while I was in the shower.  My phone rang, and my first two thoughts were, Whoever it is can leave a message, and, This is why I don’t like having my phone in the bathroom.  I got out and saw that I had missed two calls, one from my husband, and it was he who’d left a message.  The message was short and alarmingly blunt:  “I just totaled my [work] van.”  What???  Was he OK?  If he was calling, then he must be fine.  When I finally got back in touch with him, he answered the rest of my questions.  He was OK, just had some abrasion burns from the airbag.  It wasn’t his fault.  No one was hurt.  Then he filled in the details.

He was driving to one of his stops, his van loaded with lawn care chemicals (we did the math, and it was about 1000 pounds of chemicals!).  That doesn’t include the weight of the van, his rider, or the rest of the equipment (the tank itself, the hose, his blower, etc.).  A woman in an SUV pulled out in front of him; she admitted herself that she saw the truck in front of him, but not him.  He had about 20 feet to stop while going 55 mph, which made an accident inevitable, even without the load he was carrying.  He t-boned the SUV, and she did two 360s before hitting the white pickup she’d seen.

I found out after the initial call that the woman had her two children in the SUV with her.  Her vehicle was totaled, too.  Her axle was pushed out the other side and her windows shattered.  She’d wisely put her children in the center and passenger side seats in the back, both secure in their car seats.

It was by the grace of God that no one was hurt.  Not the woman, not the driver of the other truck, not her children and not my husband.  Such a nasty accident with no serious injuries.  Fortuitously, there was an ambulance waiting at the intersection right behind the woman which was able to respond immediately to the accident.

Compassion fills my heart for this woman.  Sure, she was at fault; she failed to yield to oncoming traffic, plus she was driving with an expired license.  Her insurance company will have to pay for three vehicles, and her rates will skyrocket.  I don’t know how her husband handled the news, but I hope he hugged her and said, “I’m just glad that the kids and you are alright.  We’ll deal with the rest.”  At some point, it either has hit her or will hit her that, due to her mistake, one or both of her kids could’ve been killed.  I don’t know about this family’s financial situation.  Maybe they’re living deep in debt, paycheck to paycheck, and this will just be another blow?

But, no matter what damaged occurred, the important thing is, there were no serious injuries.  The children were likely shaken and luckily not stirred.  No lives were lost.  That makes it a good day.

Stay tuned for part 2, in which I’ll share the ways God worked through other people to bless me yesterday as the day wore on.


3 responses to “The Grace of God, part 1

  1. You summed it up nicely: where there is life, there is hope. I pray that all parties involved will SEE the grace of God at work.


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