A Different Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas (Photo credit: josh.webb)

It’s almost 7 p.m. Christmas Eve.  I’ll admit, I still have presents to wrap, and I’m disappointed that one gift I wanted to give didn’t show up.  I also have a coconut cake to make, and not making it means I’d get disowned.  No pressure.

We’re here, and we did it.  We controlled our spending – except within our household.  Even then, we “behaved.”  Santa’s only bringing one gift for each child this year, while we’re giving them a few other things.  We’re just making sure the gifts really count.  Every gift our family is giving is handmade by somebody, mostly us, and my husband commented this morning that he thinks we did it all for $60.00.  I think that number is closer to $100.00, but still…  That’s something like awesome.  We’re giving with love, not our wallets.

My heart is full tonight, but my stress level isn’t.  We recently got home from a Christmas Eve Lovefeast service, and it’s not unusual for me to only half-attend to the service, because my mind is racing with all that I have yet to do.  Not this year.  In fact, I nearly cried during the service because I do feel so free, and this financial freedom has enabled me to be free to focus on what’s really important.  Singing carols in church.  Watching my youngest (age 3) sing “We Three Kings” during the service.  Feeling in communion with friends who were attending or had attended services in different churches in different towns.  Seeing the children create the Nativity scene.  It was…  Beautiful.

I have a cake to bake and presents to wrap.  I wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas, and I thank you sincerely for following my blog this year.  My hope, wish and prayer is that my words may bless, encourage and uplift you.


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