The Injured Gazelle

A Mercedes Gazelle kit car.

A Mercedes Gazelle kit car. I want this in butter yellow when we get to BS7.  Looks like the Gatsby Roadster. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, it happened.  The lion got lazy.  Then wondered off, leaving the gazelle alone.  And that gazelle intensity I had?  Well, the gazelle got complacent without the lion stalking her, and all of a sudden, the lioness pounced out of the bushes and swiped a claw-tipped paw across the rump of the poor gazelle.  Now the gazelle is limping, injured, and thoroughly pissed off at herself.

We lost the gazelle intensity we had back in the Spring.  Our emergency fund is gone (with no emergencies to show for it, other than my husband’s lack of willpower in sticking with the food budget).  Because of that, we ended up picking up another debt when my cat got sick, which just made having a sick cat that much worse.  Even worse, we’d been saving up for the girls’ birthdays – all of hubby’s overtime, trunk sales, bonuses – every little bit of extra was going into a separate account with the remainder rolling over toward Christmas.  When we were down to a month before the *big* celebration for my older daughter, he told me he’s got to set some money aside for it.  What???  The money was supposed to have been there, plus some!  It, too, got gone.

So, here we are, having to stop our awesome forward progress and back up to restocking our emergency fund.  I know this happens, and cognitively, I know this can happen at any stage of the baby steps.  If we’re at BS4 (saving for retirement) and a hospitalization knocks our 3-6 month emergency fund down to $2000, then we’d have to stop investing and save that money again.  Knowing it cognitively doesn’t make it suck less, though.

Tonight we went to our first – again – FPU class.  I was prepared to feel humiliated, because the facilitators were all in our class last time.  How humbling!  But it wasn’t as bad as I feared, because we weren’t the only ones in there getting recharged on the program.  Prior to the class, there had been a few things that reminded me we’re on the right track.  The one that spoke to me the most was in our New Testament reading for today out of Luke 12 when Jesus is telling the story of the wealthy man who has such a great harvest, he decides he needs a bigger barn to hold it all.  He gets his larger barns built and filled, then he dies that night.  He was already wealthy, but he wanted to horde his gains.  What if he’d given away all his extra grain and goods, or sold them in the market and given the money to the poor?  Would God have demanded his life that night?  We don’t know, but this passage reminded me of BS7 – build wealth and give it away.  I’m looking forward to experiencing the sheer joy of Scrooge when he realizes it had all been a dream and he’s giving money and gifts away extravagantly.  That’d be some kind of awesome.

Follow me as we go down this path toward financial peace once again.  It’s a process, and there are a couple of new things this time.  One, the program has changed some.  The new FPU course reflects the drastic changes in the economy since the last course came out.  And two, a friend of mine is beginning his journey to financial peace with me as his guide and accountability partner.  I’m hoping for great things this go-around!


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