POWER gets things done!

Mardi Gras in Mobile

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My husband and I attended a Mardi Gras party Friday night, and one of the instructions for the party was to wear a Mardi Gras color, and the hostess had listed what the colors mean:

Purple = Justice

Green = Faith

Gold = Power

Given that I wear purple and green sometimes for school and I’ve been feeling powerful over our money lately, I opted for a gold top.  Upon arriving at the party, I quickly noticed two things.  One, almost everyone there was wearing purple, and certainly almost all the ladies were, and two, only one other person besides me was wearing gold.

I was thinking back on the party yesterday, and it was fairly remarkable that most people were aligning themselves with justice, very few chose faith and even fewer were going with power.  But why not?  Right now, I’m feeling very powerful – powerful over our finances, which makes me feel powerful over our future.  It’s this feeling of power which makes me get things done.  It makes me budget, research, find stuff for our yard sale and so forth.

Think about it.  Without power, things don’t go.  If your car battery has died, then your car has no power and it’s not going to go anywhere.  If your electricity is turned off, then your home won’t have power, and you won’t get anything done, like cooking or washing the dishes.  Even if your own battery is low due to illness or lack of sleep, then you’re not getting much done, either.

We have power over those things which we can control.  It’s as simple as operating a TV remote.  The holder of the remote can control the TV; she has power over which channels to watch and the volume.  When we discovered how our money was controlling us – through debts, living paycheck-to-paycheck, etc. – then we felt powerless to change things.  For my control freak self, that was really frustrating!  Dave Ramsey (you knew I had to bring his name into this eventually) says that women have a place in their gut that gets irritated when they’re feeling insecure about money, and that was flaring for me for a couple of years.  That spot hasn’t been bugging me lately at all, and it feels good.

In what areas of your life do you feel most powerful?  In what areas do you feel least powerful?  What will you do to become powerful where you feel most powerless?


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