Why We Need an Emergency Fund

The plans have been active and the discussions lively.  Ohhh, the excitement of planning for savings and planning to spend our tax refunds to ultimately increase our gross annual income!  We had it all planned out.  Then all our plans got turned upside down with one text.

“Life just threw a curve ball here!  I found a one inch crack in my radiator…  It will need to be replaced.”

That was from my husband this afternoon.  I groused about that idiot Murphy, and this should be it for crises for a while – we hope.  But I didn’t fret it, didn’t sweat it.  In fact, I texted back that we’d discuss our options tonight, but I wasn’t worried.  I even went so far as to sing a little bit of “Everything’s Alright” from Jesus Christ Superstar to send to him.  At least we have a plan in place, some savings accumulated and some extra money coming in.

And this is why everyone should have an emergency fund in place.  Because we know our basic emergency fund will be funded very soon, this didn’t feel like much of an emergency to me.  As Dave says, “When you have an emergency fund, you don’t have any emergencies.”

What’s thrown your plans for a loop?


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