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It’s like a tag attached to something in Wonderland – “Read Me.”  What’ll happen when you follow the instructions?  Will you grow bigger?  Smaller?  Will you break houses or be on eye-level with opium-smoking caterpillars?  Honestly, probably none of those things.

As you know, I’m not only a homeschooling mom, former counselor, chaplain and baby-wrangler, but I’m also a small business owner, and I’m passionate about my business.  I haven’t been so great lately about coming up with material for my blog, beyond the mundane “Look what’s in the soap pot today,” so I’ve decided to start a series of posts about that other great thing I like doing in my kitchen.  No, not that, though it’s certainly fun (and I’d like to shake the hand of anyone who can do “that” in the kitchen with two kids running around).  I mean cooking.  With all the pumpkins we’re bringing home lately, I’m making a lot of pumpkin-based recipes and am posting those recipes on my business blog.  You can find it at

I also invite you to “like” me on facebook; I do some fantastic giveaways every hundred new likes.  That’s the most reliable way to find out “what’s in the soap pot.”

I now return you to your regularly scheduled crazy mom blog that reminds us (say it with me) “We are God‘s masterpieces!”


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