Sick Day Whine

I hab a code.  Translated into “well speak,” that means, I have a cold.  It started as a rather harmless little stuffed-up nose, escalating to a massive sneezing fit last night on the way to church, culminating in me skipping choir practice in favor of huddling on the sofa with kleenexes and a blanket while my husband forced Alka-Seltzer (yuck!) on me.  Thankfully, as stuffed up as I was, holding my nose was unnecessary, as I couldn’t smell it anyway.  I’m a really bad patient, moping and whining through the germs until they leave my body, but mostly irritated that they’re keeping me from doing something more productive than sitting on the sofa with the tissues.

Yet, despite my current reliance on Puffs, my neti-pot and a generic version of Sudafed-12, life must go on.  I still have two batches of soap to make (at least), children to chase and a child to homeschool.  Moms don’t get sick days, business owners who are the only employees don’t get sick days and my only available substitute teacher has to work today himself.  So, I have a box of tissues in every room and we persevere.  Thankfully, today was a test day, so it’s a little lighter for us today – well, easier for me, anyway.

I once joked with a friend – a wife and mother of three – that the only way I get sick days is with prior written approval and a minimum sixty days advance notice.  We only get three of those per year.  Seriously, if I were really sick, my husband would stay at home with me, and as this level of sick, I’m looking at a nap on the loveseat, perhaps, once school is done, content with the expectation that pretty much everyone will leave me alone.

Days like this just make me all that much more grateful to see my husband walk through the door.  I know I can be “off” for the night, tending mostly to me and he’ll do all the bending over stuff for me.

Feel free to add your sick day mope and whine.  There seem to be colds everywhere, so we can suffer together.


3 responses to “Sick Day Whine

  1. I am with you there! My kids just got over a cold and nicely shared it with me. So today is the start of it. A sore throat, stuffiness, coughing and body aches. Ugh! Persevere we must as Moms!


    • We will likely be swapping the germs back and forth for the next six months. Hopefully, since I homeschool my older one and the younger is home with us as well, it’ll reduce the amount of germs they’re exposed to.


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