Day Trippin’

Once Valledupar's main economic produce; Cotton

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Some people wonder how in the world I have time to homeschool and run my business.  I’d like to jokingly say, “I don’t sleep,” but the reality is, I do have to sleep to perform at my best, and with a lovely Fall something-or-other taking up space inside my head (cold, sinus infection, whatever), sleep is mandatory.  What makes it slightly more difficult is, I perform at my very best in the mornings, between wake-up and 1:00 in the afternoon.  I don’t comfortably make soap at night very often, because I’m usually too tired to feel like I can handle the lye safely.

Yesterday presented one of those moments of, “How do I balance these?”  I had a meeting with Elissa, a lovely new private label customer whose salon – Salon E –  happens to be in Kinston, over an hour away.  In order to ensure I made the meeting in time, I gave us an hour-and-a-half to get there.  So, figure with the time it took me to get dressed and glammed, the drive time (with a rare cruise through the McDonald’s drive-thru), our meeting time and the return trip, our homeschool afternoon was toasted.

We breezed through the morning’s lessons, got dressed and hit the road.  As we drove farther and farther north, the weather got better and better, with bright sunlight breaking through the dense clouds.  We explored land we hadn’t seen before and once I got my daughter out of her book and encouraged her to look out the window, she saw things she’d never seen before, such as fields of cotton.  She asked if cotton candy was made by adding sugar and color to cotton.  I told her what we use cotton for, things such as clothes, q-tips and cotton balls.

After an hour-long meeting, Elissa and I settled her order and the girls and I headed home.  We had another nice drive, enjoying the sights, including a house in Pink Hill that was totally decked out for Halloween.  I showed the girls the rest of the sights on NC 11, then we came home and I planned my next soaps.  Now just to have a few hours in a morning and a clean kitchen.  That would be bliss!


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